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Postpartum depression

Postpartum depression is a state of sadness that a woman experiences after delivery. It is associated with the pain one undergoes during labor and also the challenges that come with being a mother. In some severe cases, the mothers have been reported to reject their own children. There has been a lot of input by different health organizations to try and put in place mitigating measures to minimize the effects of this condition.


1The causes of this condition are diverse. It has been difficult to associate this kind of depression with a single cause. Recent studies have indicated that a majority of the cases that were reported were as a result of a number of of the major causes is the sudden changes in the hormone levels after a woman gives birth. The rapid changes in hormones in the body are said to trigger depression in some women. Stress that is associated with pregnancy challenges is also one of the causes that have been responsible for this condition. Women in poverty-stricken areas, those with drug addiction problems and those that are in war-prone areas stand the highest risk of suffering from this condition. The responsibility of motherhood is sometimes overwhelming to young mothers and in some instances make them slide into depression.


The symptoms of this kind of depression may vary among different women and may also depend on whether the particular condition is mild or severe. Nevertheless, there are symptoms that are common in most of the reported cases of postpartum depression. These symptoms include despair, sadness, fatigue, difficulty in bonding with the baby, lack of appetite and sleeplessness. In some severe cases, the patient may have a temporary loss of memory and difficulty in paying attention.


Diagnosis of this condition can only be done by a doctor. However, if you are a mother who has just delivered and have the symptoms stated, you can take time and visit your doctor to ascertain whether you are suffering from this kind of depression. The doctor will conduct some tests and be able to give you the prognosis within a very short period of time.


In most cases, the doctor may recommend that the patient takes some antidepressant that will help reverse the condition. These drugs are meant to suppress the stress-causing hormone and liven the patient. Most of these drugs are safe for consumption and do not affect breastfeeding. However, it advisable to have regular checkups to avoid any form of relapse.


3Most patients respond to antidepressant and recover fully without any form of relapse. However, in some severe cases, the treatment may take abnormally long and may need close monitoring from the doctor. In general, most of the cases of this depression are treatable and most patients recover fully and continue with their lives. They even have subsequent pregnancies and successful deliveries.
Most mothers who have suffered from this condition are usually advised to go for counseling sessions even if the treatment was successful. This is partly meant to create awareness and also minimize on relapse cases.

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Common skin problems experienced by women

All women desire to have flawless skin, and this has a direct reflection of her confidence. A beautiful and attractive skin is a strong factor in exposing a woman’s beauty. Unfortunately, changes in the environment can lead to contamination of the skin resulting in various skin problems such as acne, varicose veins, and moles among others.

Here is a professional advice on some of the common skin problems experienced by women and remedies to them.

1. Acne

hgdhgd74It is one of the most common skin problems experienced by women. It occurs when the facial skin pores are clogged and sometimes infected, which results to pimples, blackheads, and even white heads. It occurs to both teenagers and adults and can be mild (few pimples), moderate or severe. Treatment mostly depends on how severe the condition is and may range from the use of antibiotics or prescriptions such as Benzoyl peroxide or Retinoids that aggravate acne.

2. Age Spots

This is another common skin problem experienced by women especially those older than age 50. It’s also referred to as liver spots and is characterized by flat black or brown spots on body parts exposed to the sun such as the face, arms, and shoulders.If this problem already exists, then one can apply castor oil two times a day and the effects can be seen within a month. One can also apply fresh lemon juice to the affected areas cotton wool. Avoid direct sun exposure, if not use sunscreen protector.

3. Dry and dark skin

This adds to the list of common skin problem experienced by women. One in four women struggles with the dry skin problem on a daily basis. If you have dry skin, then you have to take extra care of your dermis. There are various remedies to this issue; one of the most effective ones is the use of yogurt which is applied as a mask.It’s then cleaned up with warm water.The use of olive oil is another home remedy. Olive oil is rubbed over the face before bedtime and allowed to drench into the skin all night.


When it comes to dark skin, there are various products that you can utilize too. If you are aiming to lighten your privates, go to, and learn more about the best cream that you can use to achieve whiter skin around your lady part. You can also check out to see the review of one of the most popular whitening products in the marketplace.

4. Wrinkles

They come about due to sun burns, smoking, stress, over diet, excessive and of cause aging. One can get rid of wrinkles by taking extra care of the skin. Use honey masks for 25 to 30 minutes then clean with it with lukewarm water. After that, you can massage your skin with an ice dice.
In conclusion, as one grows old, the skin loses its youthful resilience.It is important to know your skin type before you apply any of the remedies suggested.

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Causes Of Snoring

The causes often differ from one person to another. However, some aspects considered common causes of snoring in most people.


rtfgsahjOne of the causes of snoring is obesity; obesity is considered by many professional to be the cause of snoring. This is why many doctors suggest eating plan along with work out not only to treat snoring but also to advertise a healthier and balanced life. If you are clinically diagnosed with obesity, or you are reported to be obese, then it is suggested that you to adhere to a quality eating plan to decrease some weight and your snoring issue most likely will appear reduced.

Why do people face the problem of snoring while resting on their back?

Besides obesity, another known cause of snoring is when people rest on their back. When they rest on their back, the muscle cells and smooth cells on the back of their neck are crumbling and affect the air passage. The remedy for this is modifying your resting place by resting on your side, only by modifying your resting place can decrease your snoring.

Increasing age

4rfghcAnother reason of snoring is aging, professionals believe that when someone age groups the skin in their neck begin to sag and decrease its flexibility. When this happens, there is a high probability that this will cause the major interference to the air passage within the neck when resting.

Sleep apnoea

Sleep apnoea can also be the cause of snoring; this one is serious. The signs of OSA are extreme snoring; short-term cessation of respiration when resting that usually will cause the victim to get aroused from the sleep in the night time gasping for air.

This occurs because the air passage in your neck is obstructed and this makes the victim quit respiration and the only way to take in again is by getting out of bed. This could occur a few times in one evening. If you let OSA without treatment, OSA can cause heart irregularities and other serious health issues.

Identifying the cause of snoring in a person

rxcdfghjOne great way to identify the immediate cause of your snoring is through sleep research. Sleep research usually requested by a doctor, the victim will particularly invest one evening at a middle of the sleep; in here the snoring and respiratory rate of the victim will be supervised throughout the evening. The outcomes will be analyzed by a doctor who will make the ultimate analysis. Those are some typical causes of snoring, understanding the cause of your snoring are important because different causes need different ways to fix it. This also impacts what snoring solutions that are most appropriate for you by the cause of your snoring.

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Identifying And Overcoming Your Dental Anxiety

Majority of people can live with some anxiety levels about visiting the dentist. However, for those with dental phobia or anxiety, the very thought of seeing a dental is terrifying. In fact, they may be so frightened, that they would do just almost anything to avoid that dental appointment. In a survey reported in the 2010 Australian Dental Journal, about 16 per cent of all Australian adults have acute dental fear!

Symptoms Of Dental Phobia

werxEverybody has concerns and fears everyone copes with them in diverse ways. Nevertheless, the prospect of getting some dental procedure need not fill you with such great terror. If however, it does, you then may require some assistance in overcoming such fears.

Some of the more easily recognized signs of dental phobia may include

  • Feeling stressed or even having trouble getting to sleep the night ahead of your dental assessment.
  • Getting increasingly nervous as you sit in the dentist’s waiting room.
  •  Feeling miserable whenever you think of visiting the dentist.
  •  The mere sight of that white-coated dental personnel or dental instruments greatly increases your anxiety.
  •  The mere thought of a visit to the dentist makes you feel ill physically.
  •  Panicking or having trouble breathing whenever dental objects get placed inside your mouth by the dentist.

Causes Of Dental Anxiety

People develop dental phobias and anxieties for lots of different reasons. However, when medical researchers interview the patients, several common themes clearly emerge.

Fear Of Pain

wedrfcIn a scientific survey of persons who had not visited a dentist for the previous 12 months, 6 percent cited fear of pain as their main reason. The findings were in Australian Dental Journal, a publication of the Australian Dental Association. This fear of pain is most widespread among adults 24 years and above. This might be because their previous dental visits took place before most of the recent advances in today’s “pain-free” dentistry.


The mouth is an intimate body part, and some may feel embarrassed or ashamed having a total stranger looking inside there. This could be worse if they’re very self-conscious of how their teeth appear. This could make some uncomfortable and anxious.

Feeling Helpless And Not In Control

Lots of people develop phobias regarding situations like flying in an aeroplane, where they feel they’ve got no control. When such people are in the dentist’s chair, they’ve got to stay very still. They might feel they predict what’s likely to hurt or can’t see what’s happening. It becomes common for such people to feel rather out of control and helpless, which could trigger anxiety.

Previous Negative Experiences

Anybody who has experienced discomfort or pain during a past dental procedure is most probably to be more anxious and fearful during the next episode with the dentist.

Overcoming The Anxiety

wqerxsLike any other mental disorder, a dental phobia can be managed. Without proper treatment, it could become worse over time partly because your emotional stress may make the visits even more uncomfortable than they should be. You need to discuss with your dentist concerning your concerns, fears and feelings. The dentist is trained to assist you in overcoming these emotions by changing the manner in which you’re treated. The dentist may also decide to refer you to a qualified mental health professional.

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